2021 - Beyond Grooming

2021 showed us, here at Johnny Slicks, what was truly important.

While we watched prices increase across the nation as well as shortages of supplies in almost every single industry, we had to make a crucial decision.

To either outsource anything that had a price increase to other nations or to cement our stance in only supporting American owned and operated companies.

It didn’t take long for us to see which one was right.


Being Marine Corps veterans, there was no chance we were going to give up on our fellow Americans.

So, we decided to focus all of our efforts in building stronger and more financially stable relationships with other American owned companies who have similar stances.

These are other companies that believe in the Red, White, and Blue and who choose to employ Americans rather than outsource jobs to Asia.

To us, this is the only way.


And because of that decision, here’s some milestones you Slicksters have helped us achieve this year!

- We doubled our fulfillment space

- Oil Based Pomade became a $1,000,000 product!!!!

- We hand crafted over 250,000 products

- We created Johnny Zzz and made The Black Label available in Formula 49

- Continued our lifetime 15% off discount for service members

- Created our Signature shirt line HERE

- Expanded our team of all-Americans HERE

- Launched our Ambassador program HERE

- Beach Care was massive success in healing dry and damaged skin all across America

- Created the SlickDay Cake fragrance for our 1-day-only anniversary sale (coming early March!)

- And made the Slickster family 45,000 stronger!


From all of us here at Johnny Slicks, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎉

We want to say thank you for all of your support throughout this year. Because you have chosen to support us, we will continue to grow and the Americans we work with will grow as well.


We encourage you, the American people, to continue to support American companies because if history has shown us anything, there is nothing we can’t do, as Americans, when we all work together.

United We Stand.

“May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”

-Patrick Henry


Stay Slick,

Johnny Slicks

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