There are few things in this world that we can control. Fortunately, how we look and how we smell are one of them. Take a journey with me and get a glimpse of how I see the world.


My favorite scents are Rugged and Omega. For a shiny lighter hold go with Oil Based and Formula 49 for a strong harder hold.

Organic Oil Based Pomade
Johnny Slicks products help promote healthy hair growth, prevents future hair loss, and treats dandruff and dry skin. The mixture of the therapeutic oils helps increase blood flow to the hair follicle, which also helps hair grow in its natural pattern. WARNING! Johnny...


Rugged and Omega are my go to scents but Paradise in the summer is perfect. Also, I use the Beard Wash as a post BJJ wash.


I use beard oil post shower then I'll use Johnny Zzz post shower before bed. Shave soap is to clean up the neck and cheek line.

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