Nick Koumalatsos’ Favorite Things

There are few things in this world that we can control. Fortunately, how we look and how we smell are one of them. Take a journey with me and get a glimpse of how I see the world.


My favorite scents are Rugged and Omega. For a shiny lighter hold go with Oil Based and Formula 49 for a strong harder hold.

Organic Oil Based Pomade
Our classic, all-natural hair pomade is designed to keep your hair healthy and smelling great all day. Promote healthy hair and defend against dandruff with our powerful organic formula.
Omega Oil Based Pomade
The Omega Oil Based Pomade uses our signature oil blend, but with The Black Label scent profile. This pomade is a luxurious, rugged, and dignified product with the fragrance to match.    
Omega Formula 49
The Omega Formula 49 clay pomade is a hand-crafted, organic product that'll give your hair a healthy boost and a strong hold to last you throughout your day. Omega fragrance provides an unmatched scent profile for you and others to...


Rugged and Omega are my go to scents but Paradise in the summer is perfect. Also, I use the Beard Wash as a post BJJ wash.

From $15.00
Organic Hand Whipped Beard Wash
Stay slick with our organic, hand-whipped beard wash. We designed our anti-microbial, organic formula to clean dirt and oil build-up from your pores and hair to keep your beard and skin healthy. Use as a face wash, hand wash, or...
from $15.00
Body Wash
Our 16oz body wash is designed for sensitive or tough skin. The organic, all-natural blend of ingredients will provide you with all-day comfort and skin that's healthier than ever!
$82.00 from $73.80
Beast Wash Shower Set
This Kit Includes; 16oz Organic Shampoo 16oz Organic Body Wash OR 6oz Beast Bar 16oz Organic Conditioner  How To Use Our Shampoo; Pop the top, dispense a metric slickton onto your palm (amount will vary based on hair length & thickness), lather up, rinse...
$82.00 from $73.80


I use beard oil post shower then I'll use Johnny Zzz post shower before bed. Shave soap is to clean up the neck and cheek line.

From $18.00
Organic Beard Oil
Our Organic Beard Oil uses an all-natural blend of ingredients to repair your hair and promote healthy beard growth. It also works in other places where hair grows! Stay Slick.
from $18.00
From $20.00
Organic Shave Soap
 Our Organic Shave Soap will give you an irritation-free shave with a lasting scent to keep you smelling fresh all day. It also uses all-natural ingredients to promote healthy hair growth and ingrown hairs.
from $20.00
Omega Beard Oil
Omega Beard Oil uses the signature oil blend, but with the luxury and class of the Omega fragrance. With this iconic formula, you can manage dry skin, beard itch, and hair growth with ease.    
$35.00 $30.00
Johnny ZZZ
It's in the name — Johnny ZZZ is a sleep-promoting fragrance to put in your beard, behind your ears, wrists, or elsewhere before bed! The lavender-infused signature oil blend does wonders for getting you those Zs. Read 7 Tips for...
$35.00 $30.00


These are honestly some of my Johnny Slicks daily wear.

Authentic Slick Leather Bag
The USA-made Slick Leather Bag is designed to carry all your beard and hair care products in one portable design. It also has a unique Johnny Slicks logo made just for the bag.
$35.00 from $28.00
Tame Your Beast Tee - Black
Whether you've already Tamed Your Beast or just love our products, you can rep Johnny Slicks everywhere you go. Our shirts are true to size and as comfortable as you'd expect.
$35.00 from $28.00

Who is Nick Koumalatsos?

Portrait of Nick Koumalatsos wearing a Johnny Slicks "Tame Your Beast" Tshirt

Nick served 12 years in The United States Marine Corps as a Marine Raider and Recon Marine serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and all over SW Asia.

Since his time in service he has worked with non for profits to create a network and systems to ensure our nation's veterans were successful when leaving service.

He also became a serial entrepreneur building selling businesses for the last 10 years. Current he is the CEO of the fastest-growing organic men's grooming company Johnny Slicks and is the CEO of The Agoge and transformational program helping fathers, husbands, and businessmen become the very best versions of themselves. He and his wife Alison also host The Harbor Site Podcast.

“My favorite product is Rugged Formula 49 Clay Pomade as well as the entire Omega Black Label Line. Nothing better than an organic product made by Americans 🇺🇸 right here in our community.” - Nick Koumalatsos

Ready to look and smell like a rugged Marine Corps vet? Make sure you take a look at Nick Koumalatsos’ favorite products above and give a few a try.

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