Organic Oil Based Pomade
Our classic, all-natural hair pomade is designed to keep your hair healthy and smelling great all day. Promote healthy hair and defend against dandruff with our powerful organic formula.
From $18.00
Organic Beard Oil
Our Organic Beard Oil uses an all-natural blend of ingredients to repair your hair and promote healthy beard growth. It also works in other places where hair grows! Stay Slick.
from $18.00
From $15.00
Organic Hand Whipped Beard Wash
Stay slick with our organic, hand-whipped beard wash. We designed our anti-microbial, organic formula to clean dirt and oil build-up from your pores and hair to keep your beard and skin healthy.
from $15.00
Punkin’ Slicks Oil Based Pomade
It's not basic — it's all-natural, organic, oil-based pomade goodness. This product blends our classic formula with an unbeatable fall scent that'll last all day.
Slick Lips
We made dry hair a thing of the past. Now, forget about your dry skin by using the all-natural, organic Slick Lips formula as often as you need for that all-day comfort and relief.
The Benjamin is the same itch-free, moisturizing, and organic beard oil you already know and love. But for a whopping 8oz., you just can't beat the price. Oh, and it looks cool too.

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