Organic Oil Based Pomade
Our classic, all-natural hair pomade is designed to keep your hair healthy and smelling great all day. Promote healthy hair and defend against dandruff with our powerful organic formula.
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Organic Beard Oil
Our Organic Beard Oil uses an all-natural blend of ingredients to repair your hair and promote healthy beard growth. It also works in other places where hair grows! Stay Slick.
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Organic Hand Whipped Beard Wash
Stay slick with our organic, hand-whipped beard wash. We designed our anti-microbial, organic formula to clean dirt and oil build-up from your pores and hair to keep your beard and skin healthy. Use as a face wash, hand wash, or...
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Slick Spray
Our all-natural scented Slick Spray is the perfect way to scent your car, room, or self! In two sizes and a variety of scents, you're guaranteed to love it.
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Slick Scrub
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Slick Lips
We made dry hair a thing of the past. Now, forget about your dry skin by using the all-natural, organic Slick Lips formula as often as you need for that all-day comfort and relief.
The Benjamin is the same itch-free, moisturizing, and organic beard oil you already know and love. But for a whopping 8oz., you just can't beat the price. Oh, and it looks cool too.
Punkin’ Slicks Oil Based Pomade
It's not basic — it's all-natural, organic, oil-based pomade goodness. This product blends our classic formula with an unbeatable fall scent that'll last all day.
Maple Slicks Oil Based Pomade
Smell great all day with Maple Slicks all-organic hair pomades. Now you can create your ideal hairstyle and defeat dry skin, all with a lasting maple scent.
Body Wash
Our 16oz body wash is designed for sensitive or tough skin. The organic, all-natural blend of ingredients will provide you with all-day comfort and skin that's healthier than ever!
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Beast Wash Shower Set
This Kit Includes; 16oz Organic Shampoo 16oz Organic Body Wash OR 6oz Beast Bar 16oz Organic Conditioner  How To Use Our Shampoo; Pop the top, dispense a metric slickton onto your palm (amount will vary based on hair length & thickness), lather up, rinse...
from $82.00