It’s come to this…
Reading the ingredient list on the products you are using seems like it is no longer enough.
There are too many companies’ products that are causing people harm because they are filled with chemicals and marketed as “safe”, “healthy”, or just outright saying they are “natural” when they are not so they can make a sale.
It’s come to the point where you have to start looking behind the product.
Look at how the company operates, how they make their products, and most importantly who is making those business decisions.
If you can’t find that information, maybe it’s time to start asking the company why they won’t tell you.
Trustworthiness, honesty, and transparency are things you, as the consumer, deserve.
It’s funny too, there was a video that Nick found and I was going to link and share here but none of us can find it anywhere. Almost like it was deleted.
But in short, a woman discovered there was a chemical in a product that was causing cancer. With countless hours of research she then discovered the company that was using that chemical was also involved in treating that specific cancer. Secretly creating the symptom and then selling the cure to look like “the good guy” is evil.
That is not the American way.
We do not sell out our fellow Americans for profit which it seems too many companies have forgotten.
Here, we have each other’s back and want each other to prosper.
If we continue to support these companies that source their supplies from overseas, we will quickly lose the original ethos this country was built on.
I encourage you to never stop asking questions and to only support American made companies.
Buying American made ensures American jobs. And American jobs ensure local economic structure and accountability.
Right now, the ball is in YOUR court and YOU have the choice to make a difference in this nation.
Will you choose to support the American dream or choose to support outsourcing to China?
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