Tips to Help Beat the Cold Weather & Dry Skin


Our Tips to Help Your Dry Skin this Winter

Drink More Water

Much of your skin’s hydration comes from drinking water. Because of this, healthy skin requires that you not only stay on top of your water intake, but that you also stay away from food and drink that causes dehydration, such as salty snacks, high concentrations of protein, and large amounts of alcohol consumption. If you have to have those things, then drink extra water to compensate.



Any men’s skincare routine should include exfoliating. Dry skin can lead to an increased buildup of dead skin. It’s a good idea to scrape off the dry, dead skin and keep your epidermis fresh. A physical exfoliant, such as a pumice stone or set of exfoliating gloves, will not only help with the foregoing, but it can remove blemishes and help reduce breakouts as well. Chemical exfoliants are also an option, but we prefer to go with a more natural approach, which often does just as good of a job or better than a chemically-dense exfoliant solution. Whichever route you take, go easy. You should only exfoliate two to three times a week. If you exfoliate too often, you could be doing more damage than good.

Save some time by keeping your exfoliant near the shower; this makes for easy access and easy cleanup. Additionally, the warmth of the shower will open up your pores, making exfoliating easier and more effective. That being said, hot showers can also lead to dry skin, so consider turning down the heat and taking a shorter, lukewarm shower.


Alternate Between Moisturizers

During the spring and summer months, many of us can get away with our standard moisturizing routine (if you have one, that is). When the air turns cold and the wind is dry, however, regular moisturizers might not cut it. Instead, we suggest switching to a quality balm. Balms are generally thicker than regular moisturizers, and they are made specifically to prevent and heal chapped skin (think of lip balm but for your face and hands).

While balms usually contain ingredients like petroleum jelly, which has been shown to dry out hair follicles, applying a balm to areas on which you either do not have hair or don’t want hair, is perfectly fine – especially your knuckles, elbows, and kneecaps. But don’t only go balm-heavy, even if the men’s skin type quiz you took last year indicates you have dry skin. Continue using your regular moisturizer for those areas that are more sensitive, and then supplement with the balm for added healing and protection, as needed.


    Cover Up

    Here’s yet another tip that works for all men’s skin types. When you venture out of your home and into the chilled wind, make sure to cover up. This will not only keep you warm, but it will protect your skin from exposure to the elements, akin to wearing sunscreen in the summer – speaking of sunscreen, did you know you’re actually supposed to wear SPF in the winter, too?

    Cold temperatures and aggressive winds make your skin more dry and susceptible to UV ray exposure. So, not only should you invest in a well-made scarf, set of gloves, and a comfortable hat or beanie, but you should add a quality SPF to your morning skincare routine. We mean it when we say to cover up.

    Beard Oil

    Last but not least, we think the best men’s skincare routine includes beard oil. Beard oil not only benefits your facial hair, but it also penetrates your beard to the skin beneath, helping to moisturize and revitalize your face. While you’re at it, why not go with Johnny Slicks' assortment of organic beard oils? They’re natural, effective, and will make you smell wonderful.

    No Matter Your Skin Type, Count on Johnny Slicks

    We hope these tips give you a better idea of how to protect and nourish your skin this winter. If you’re looking for more products and tips, head over to Johnny Slicks, where you can find anything from your favorite beard oil to the best men's body wash for dry skin.

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