Top 5 Hair Myths


Number 1: Dandruff Is The Same As Dry Scalp!

From the wise words of Michael Scott, "NOOO, GOD! NO, GOD, PLEASE, NO! NO! NO!


Dandruff and Dry Scalp are almost opposites and should be treated and cured very differently as well.

Dry scalp is caused by, you guessed it, dry skin. When your scalp becomes dry, either from over-washing or whatever, it begins to flake. Now, the huge mistake is comparing dry scalp to dandruff.

There are many ways dandruff can occur. The most common cause is not washing often or washing your hair with the wrong shampoo. Different shampoos have different PH ratings. Your body's PH is very sensitive and if you are using the wrong leveled shampoo, yeast can build and cause dandruff. 

Your hair follicles produce an oil called sebum. Its what moisturizes your hair and scalp and that is what can make your hair look "greasy" if you don't wash it. Shampoo strips the sebum from your scalp and if you wash too often, you'll see dry skin. Wash it not often enough and you may see dandruff. Find a balance and find your routine.

Try using our Organic Beard Wash to wash your hair or beard. It will cleanse and strip EXCESS sebum. We specifically crafted it to clean only what's excess in your hair. Leaving your hair moisturized and healthy.

Number 2: Stress Causes Grey Hair!

I'm not sure where this myth started but it isn't true. I hear it every other day, "I found a grey hair this morning, its from all of this stress!"

Hair gets its color from pigment cells located at the hair root that produce melanin. Obviously, you get your hair color from your genes or, in rare cases, mutations. But anyways, grey hair or clear hair occurs when the pigment cells die. When they die, they cant produce melanin and when they cant produce melanin, the hair loses color. Now, that doesn't mean that your hair will die and fall out! Stress can absolutely do that though.

Grey hair just means normal aging. Depending on your genetics, your timeline for grey hair will differ. Some people start finding grey hair at the age of 25 while some see the start at 50. It all depends on your genes.

If you are young and see a few random or patchy grey hairs, called "platinum hairs", don't be concerned. Although it is rare, it happens. That is a mutation with the follicles. The pigment cells are creating a grey pigment. As compared to grey hair (pigment cells die and don't produce melanin), platinum hair pigment cells produce grey melanin.

There are correlations between stress and how it damages your DNA. Even though it is true and possible, it would take much longer than the human lifespan to effect your hairs melanin cells.


Number 3: Trimming Your Hair Will Make It Grow Faster!

This myth is a very common one. But, its also very easily debunked!

Where does hair grow? At the ends or at the scalp?

Hair goes through 3 life steps. Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

Anagen is the growth stage. This is where hair is physically growing and can stay in this process anywhere between 2-6 years (depending on genetics).

Catagen is the transition phase. The hair strand's blood supply is cut off to begin this process of renewal.

Telogen is the shedding phase. This is where hair is replaced. Up to 15% of all hair on your head right now is growing through this process. This is why if you run your fingers through your hair, you'll find that some follow your hand off of your head. This is completely normal, to an extent.

There is a healthy amount of hair loss and then there is excessive hair loss. The ingredients in the products you're using can cause excessive hair loss.

Which is why we started this whole thing called Johnny Slicks! Check it out here!

Number 4: Using Oils Will Make Your Hair Greasy!

Now this one can be interpreted differently. Yes, overusing an oily product on your scalp can make your hair appear "greasy." But, using an oil based product from the middle to ends of your hair strands can have a massively positive result. If you have a dry skin type, then use an oil based product on your scalp. Ratio it to your likeness of course. But if you have an oily skin type, use the products on your hair strands and watch as your hair becomes healthier than ever. Our Beard Oil was created to help penetrate the hair strands and increase the overall health of your hair.


Number 5: Using An All-In-One Product Is Best!

WHAT?! WHY?! I just don't get this one. If you have a product you use currently that says "3 in 1" or "Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash" on the label, please throw it out...please.

The hair on your head differs from the hair on your face which also differs form the hair on your body. And on-top of that, washing your hair and washing your body with the same product is the same as comparing apples to oranges.

Each part of the body is different. There is no "all-in-one" for anything in life so, why would that be different with washes?

Here's an example; hand sanitizer. It's great for your hands or for cleaning and killing bacteria and disease. But, would you use it to wash your hair? Or beard? Or underneath your arm? No! 

 Now, there are products that can be used for more than one thing. Like our Beard Wash, it's used as a facial wash. Or our Slick Scrub, It's used as a pre and post shave. Our Oil-Based Pomade is also used as a skin moisturizer. Those types of products can do those things because the uses are in the same 'family' as the intended use. But to have a body wash be used as a shampoo is completely ridiculous.

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