6 Steps To Build A 6 Figure Business

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Over the past year (March 2018 - March 2019), Johnny Slicks has grown rapidly. 

This success has happened because of YOU, the Slickster, and these 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Have an Innovative Idea

Having an idea is never just enough.

It doesn’t make you different and it doesn’t make anyone want to invest in you.

You must be able to solve a problem or be different.

Every success story starts with, not only an idea but, an innovative idea.

Step 2:  Build a Following / Build a Community

a graphic of a group of people.

Now that you have your idea, who’s going to support you?

Start building a following of people who are interested in your idea.

Even better, build a following of people who believe what you believe.

When your followers believe in your beliefs, they will buy whatever you have to sell.

Step 3:  Make a Quality Product

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Take your idea and make it a reality.

If you want to start a t-shirt company, now is the time to start printing them.

Your following will be the first to buy them and will let you know if they are good. If your product is low quality, they will tell you (either verbally or unfollowing you).

If it’s a quality product, they will tell you. Take your following very seriously, they are the mouth of your business. What they say will travel and others will listen.

If they say they don’t like how the shirts fit, don’t ignore them.

Find a solution and keep building quality.

Step 4:  Marketing and Advertisements

Now is the time to reach those you normally cannot.

Use ads to help elongate your reach to increase your following and to increase sales.

Marketing is one of the most important practices for a six figure business. Without it, sales will decrease and cash flow will come to a halt. Market your product however you can.

Every sale counts.

Find your brand’s demographic and build your advertisements around them.

You’ll see sales increase along with your following which in turn will make more sales.

Step 5:  Don’t Take a Large Salary

a pile of cash

This is the biggest mistake a new small business could make.

Say you make $2,000 in gross sales and after deductions you have $900 in profit. What do you do with that $900 on your FIRST month? Many people will take it for themselves and say their business is doing great!

But in reality, their business just died. With no money to spend, the business cannot go on and definitely cannot grow. Now, you can use what you absolutely need in order to continue.  

 But, the more you leave for the business, the faster and bigger your business will grow.

Step 6:  Roadhouse Rules

This is the single most important step for building a six figure business.

Customer service is everything. It is your reputation. It is how your customers view your business. They may know who you are personally but, they have a separate view on your business. 

There’s always going to be irate customers, no matter what. With the irate customers being the common denominator here, the only thing that can change the outcome is you and your attitude.

Knowing that arguing with an angry person won’t do any good, try being nice. Not sarcastically nice, but actually nice. Positivity breeds positivity. While, hatred breeds hatred.

People are very short tempered but, people are also kind. If you show kindness, you’ll see the kindness in others. 

The way you treat your customers defines your business and how it is run. It can also be the difference in a return and a returning customer.



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