The term “all natural” is just a marketing term nowadays. It used to be a trustworthy claim, but now it just means “we tricked you into thinking this product is good for you.”

Now, some of you may be saying to yourselves “But Johnny, your products are organic, isn’t that the same as natural?” NO! Absolutely not! Nope Nope Nope!   


All Natural vs Organic

Let’s define the two terms shall we,

The Definition of Organic is: relating to or derived from living matter.

The Definition of Natural is:  existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.

Now that we defined both of the terms, let’s look into each one deeper.

All Natural Hair Products

What does all natural mean?

In the market place “all natural” has become an overused, overlooked, and overrated term. For example, and you can look this up if you don’t believe me, Formaldehyde, it is a naturally occurring compound, but it is absolutely terrible for you. Yes, Formaldehyde, the compound used to preserve a human corpse. It is used in cosmetics to increase shelf life. 

Yes, companies are putting harmful ingredients in their products so it’ll last longer on the shelf. Or, if you look into the “all natural product” you are using now, it’s probably listed as EDTA or DMDM. Go ahead, grab the product you bought from that huge company that claims to be “natural” and check. At this point, you may be like “what the hell is all of this on my product ingredients list?”

I have a simple rule; if it contains a number, toss it.


Ingredients list on an “all natural” hair product


Here are a couple more things that are ALL NATURAL that you wouldn't want in your products: Asbestos, Bacteria, Anthrax, Snake venom, and even petroleum. Go ahead and Google those if you would like. So here’s what I mean with “all natural” ingredients; if I were to take Asbestos and Anthrax and mix them into a jar then label it as an all natural hair product, would you believe it and buy it? Even though I’m not lying about it being natural, I’m not telling you the honest truth either. This product I made from Asbestos and Anthrax is going to kill you!


Organic Hair Products

All Natural is a gimmick, while Organic is certified safe.

Organic put simply means no chemicals. I believe the leading cause of hair loss is genetic, but the second leading cause is the products we use. From shampoo to leave in conditioner. If you choose to purchase “all natural” products or the “big brand” ones off the shelf, I believe it will cause hair loss. Not at first, but it will cause it. It’ll start with a dry scalp, then an itchy scalp, and then all of a sudden, your follicle dries out and the hair dies.

Trust me, it has happened to me. That’s how I started Johnny Slicks. I was using a very popular water-based pomade for a very long time, then another Marine asked if I was going bald. I thought he was just kidding at first because he always shaves his head and he was jealous of my gorgeous pompadour. I went home later that evening and saw in the mirror; my hair was thinning on my crown! This was insane to me because I have a very strong hairline and I thought this product was good for me because it was “all natural.”

You see, “natural”, in theory, is awesome! But the way businesses have misinterpreted it to the consumer is terrible. They turned a great thing into a money scam.

Organic Hair and Body Care Products From Johnny Slicks

Pricing: Natural vs Organic

Also, here is another thing about the words “all natural” and organic. Words should not raise the price, value, yes, but not price. For example, a bag of chips. A normal bag of chips may be $3.49 but then you look and see “all natural” chips for $5.49. What the hell?! But because they say “all natural”, the price now increased and so did your perception of the chips. It’s exactly how the market works, BUT NOT HOW JOHNNY SLICKS WORKS!


Johnny Slicks Organic Products

Here at Johnny Slicks, we believe in honest ingredients. We hand make our products with ingredients that you can pronounce. No numbers, no chemicals, no “natural” ingredients. Just down to Earth, honest, ingredients. We don’t let the word Organic raise our prices and we don’t compare ourselves to others. We love and treasure each customer and their health. We study, research, and investigate common health problems in hopes that we can help the public. We don’t promise anything we can’t deliver on. We make each product with the highest of standards and quality to provide you with the confidence you need to take the day!

So, if you want to make the change or you want your loved ones to make the change, send them this article and send them to the ones that have integrity and honesty! Send them to Johnny Slicks!


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