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How To Properly Shave Your Beard

Ive been getting a lot of questions regarding beard grooming and shaving tips. 

If you are, for some reason, looking to shave your beard, here are the steps you need to follow.


  •  Disinfect the razor and wash your hands 
  •  Use a clean towel or cloth 
  •  Avoid shaving any infection or pustules (It could spread to other parts of your face)
  • Use a styptic pen or powder to clean and clot any nicks that may occur 
  • Learn your hair growth pattern in order to shave in the correct direction 
  • Keep your skin moist while shaving 
  • Use the cushions of your fingertips to stretch your skin in the opposite direction of  the razor 
  • Always use hot water when preparing to shave or shaving 

 Tools You’ll Need 

 3 Clean towels 


 Shaving cream 

 Light facial cream or moisturizing lotion 

 Toner or mild astringent 

 Estimated 10 Minutes 

 Shaving Steps 

1. Place a clean towel in hot water 

This will allow your pores and follicles to open and reveal more of the hair shaft. Check to make sure the hot towel won't burn you. 

2. Apply the hot towel to your face until it is no longer hot

If the towel is too hot, let it stand for a minute or until it cools down. The hot towel will soften the cuticle layer of your hair and it'll stimulate the sebaceous glands. 

3. Place the hot towel back into the hot water and allow it to soak again

You'll be using this hot towel again after you apply shaving cream. 

4. Apply shaving cream in circular motions to your skin

Rubbing time should be between 1-2 minutes. Lathering will clean your face, make the hair you're about to shave stand up, and it creates a smooth surface for your razor to glide upon. 

5. Utilizing the hot towel from before, lay the towel over where you just applied the shaving cream

Completing the hot towel usage twice will only prepare your hair and skin more. Dense and coarse hair benefits most from this. 

6. Apply your second lathering of shaving cream the same way you applied it the first time

7. After you have completed preparation, prepare your razor for the following shaving steps

8. There are 14 shaving steps. Follow the guide for proper shaving directions

Performing these steps in the direction shown will prevent cuts, nicks, razor burn, ingrown hair, and irritation. 

Shave with the grain of your hair! 


After you have completed the 14 shaving steps, it is optional but not recommended to re-lather and shave in the opposite direction. It is not recommended because the closer the shave you get, the higher the chance pathogenic bacteria will spread

9. Massage the light facial cream or moisturizing lotion to the skin you just shaved

10. Prepare a moderately warm towel and apply it to your skin

Do not rub the skin roughly or apply a high PH astringent. That will cause the skin to become irritated and overly sensitive. 

11. Apply a toner or mild astringent to the shaved area

The toner or mild astringent will “close up” the pores and follicles. 

Not following post shave steps will allow bacteria to spread and infect your pores. 

Dirt in the air will find its way into your pores and follicles. 

Dirt in pores = Pseudofolliculitis Barbae or “Razor Burn” 

Dirt in follicle / Too much pressure applied while shaving = "Ingrown Hair"

12. Pat dry with a clean towel


Comments - December 15 2019

Such an amazing post. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us, It’s very inspiring when you are thinking you need to shave :)

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