How To Deal With Beard Envy

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Beard envy is becoming more and more toxic in the bearded community. 

Johnny Slicks has some tips to deal with the envy and toxicity.

First lets talk about what beard envy is. Have you ever seen someones beard either online or in person and become super jealous? Wishing you had that gentleman's beard length or shape or thickness? That's beard envy. It happens to everyone and it makes you question the purpose of your own beard. DO NOT let envy control your bearded life! I've met plenty of guys who have gone as far as shaving completely because their beard wasn't as thick as some other guys. Some guys can grow a thick full beard, what seems to be overnight, and some guys grow a beard with some patches. It simply comes down to this, A BEARD IS A BEARD. It doesn't matter how long it takes you or how it grows. Never feel ashamed or discouraged because your beard isn't growing the way it does for others.

Maintenance is a factor that goes along side of beard envy. As long as you maintain your facial hair and keep it healthy you will find less toxic individuals addressing you.

The toxicity in the community is when someone says you have a weak beard. Yes, it sounds ridiculous but it happens often. Most of the toxicity comes from new beard growers or even people who are clean shaven. Many times you take it to heart because you have pride in your beard and it can be symbolic to manliness. Toxic people most of the time are just envious and they don't know how to deal with it. Or they are just busting your balls. Either way, we should be encouraging each other in a positive way. Some people might say that this beard envy and toxicity is a little far out there but it happens way too often to not address.

There's a rule for beards; for every month you grow your beard, you must wait the same number of days before you shave. So if you have a 12 month beard, you must wait 12 days before shaving. This rule is obviously not enforced by any means but it allows you to take time to think before making a big decision. Use this rule every time you feel beard envy. If you feel like shaving your beard because someone else has a bigger beard, that's up to you, just take the appropriate time to think about it.

Johnny Slicks has your back regardless of what your beard looks like. 

Stay Slick!

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    Just wanted to know if your pomade is for beards also. Like a balm perhaps

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