How Johnny Slicks Can Heal Your Hair


Johnny Slicks products will allow you to freely style and groom your hair. But that's not all! These products will also clean and heal your scalp and hair. In depth research was conducted on the chemical and physical structure of hair and hair growth. None of the research went untapped when creating the Johnny Slicks formula.

Physical Structure of Hair 

Full grown human hair is divided into two parts: the hair root and the hair shaft. The hair root is the portion that is beneath the skin and the hair shaft is the other portion found above the skin. 

The hair root must have rich blood flow in order for new hair to grow.

 Johnny Slicks Beard Oil was created to increase blood flow in order to promote hair growth.

The Hair Shaft has 3 main layers: the cuticle, cortex, and medulla. 

The Cuticle is the hairs primary defense against damage. It is also responsible for the hairs shine and silkiness. 

The Cortex is the middle layer of the hair. It is a fibrous protein core and contains melanin pigment. This part of the hair provides strength, elasticity, and natural color. 

The Medulla is the innermost layer. Hair that is very fine or naturally blond will not have a medulla while thick dark hair will.

Fun Fact! Blond = Male, Blonde = Female


Chemical Structure of Hair 

Hair is composed of a protein, called keratin, that grows from cells that originate within the hair follicle. 

Average hair is 51% carbon, 21% oxygen, 6% Hydrogen, 17% Nitrogen, 5% Surfer. 

The chemical composition varies with hair color. 

Human hair is approximately 91% protein.


Hair Growth 

There are 2 main types of hair, Vellus and Terminal. 

 Vellus hair is short, fine, soft, downy hair found on the cheeks, forehead, and nearly all over the body. Its purpose is to help evaporate perspiration. 

 Terminal hair has 2 parts, primary and secondary. Primary Terminal hair refers to eyebrows and eyelashes. Secondary Terminal hair is the long hair found on the scalp, beard, chest, back, and legs. 

 The average growth of healthy hair found on the scalp is about 1/2" per month. This number may differ depending on your diet and your grooming procedures.

 It is normal to lose about 75 to 100 hairs a day. 

 Despite the myth, hair does not grow thicker or faster when you shave, trim, or singe.


Johnny Slicks Products 

The specific mixture of oils that are found in our products will help moisturize and clean your skin. Many problems we have with skin and hair are connected to oxygen flow and cleanliness. 

What if there was a product that could not only style and manage hair but also clean and moisturize?

 Johnny Slicks Products were created to promote healthy hair growth, prevent future hair loss, and cure dry skin. 

Having a product that will clean and introduce more oxygen flow to the scalp isnt asking for too much. Its asking for exactly what you need and we understand that here at Johnny Slicks. 

So we created products to give you what you need and more.


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