What We Are Doing For Veterans And Why


This month we are deciding to give back. When I say "we", I really mean you.

You see, 5% of your ENTIRE ORDER will be going to The Raider Project!

Now that you know what we are doing, let me explain why.

Raider Project provides direct services to Marine veterans ranging from suicide prevention, drug addiction treatment, PTS therapy, as well as unconventional treatments for TBIs, employment assistance and financial aid. They are able to offer peer-to-peer counseling, veteran wilderness retreats, climbing retreats, and fishing trips, as well as community sports programs. To reduce overhead, Raider Project funds expenses through sales of tees and gear allowing 100% of donated funds to go directly to the mission.

As you may know, we (Johnny Slicks) are 100% Marine Corps veteran owned and operated. We look for opportunities that allow us to give back. If YOU are looking for a way to give back as well, THIS IS IT!

5% of your order will go directly towards helping veterans. Veterans need support now more than ever.

When veterans transition out of the service, many cannot connect to others during this massive change. The main problem is connecting with others. If the veteran cannot connect and successfully transition into the civilian life, they seclude themselves and begin to "shut down". This is where countless problems emerge. They start to blame the branch they served in and, even worse, themselves. This spiral can very quickly become life threatening.


This is why The Raider Project is so critical to our society.

They provide veterans the tools necessary to succeed. Not only during transitional periods but in life.

Existing mental health services for vets are clearly insufficient. From 2001 to 2014, veteran suicides have jumped 32 percent. Too many VA facilities simply don't have enough staff to provide personalized care. Therapists are badly outnumbered and veterans are hurried through their offices.

Sometimes, staffing shortages force facilities to simply turn veterans away, leading to the grotesque phenomenon of desperate veterans killing themselves on VA grounds.

The Raider Project is here to provide hope and a clear path to each veteran in need. And who better to help veterans than veterans?!

Here are the programs and events that Raider Project hosts for veterans.

Wilderness Retreats

Climbing Retreats

Transitional Seminars

Wellness Programs

Climbing Programs

Softball Programs

Fishing Programs

Each program has helped countless veterans and continues to help veterans even post-program.


How This Works 

  • Purchase Some Products
  • 5% Will Be Donated To the Raider Project
  • Countless Veterans Will Be Helped

Let's provide hope to the men and women who provide freedom for each one of us.

Every dollar counts and goes directly towards supporting a veteran

Donate Here!


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