How to Cure BEARD-ITCH


Beard- Itch

Every bearded man will tell you, one of the worst things in life is the beard itch. From the moment the beard is born it will become the most annoying thing in your life. You won’t be able to focus during the day, sleep at night, or even touch your beard without triggering the itch. 

Why Does My Beard-Itch?

Here at Johnny Slicks, we understand not only the feeling of beard itch but the science underneath it all. Every beard hair has a follicle and with each follicle there are glands called sebaceous glands. They naturally create an oil called sebum. These glands will produce this oil in order to moisturize the skin and keep the beard well hydrated. The problem is, the glands do not grow when your hair grows longer. Meaning the sebum production can’t keep up with the rate of the hair growth. 

Without enough sebum to keep your skin moisturized and your hair soft, you end up with dry skin underneath a now coarse beard that perpetually irritates that poor dry skin. So with every poke,  shift, and breeze, you now feel that irresistible need to scratch.

A pictograph of a hair follicle and the glands within it.

How to Stop the Beard-Itch?

Apply Beard Oil

Johnny Slick's beard oil acts as a sebum supplement in order to pick up the slack from the sebaceous glands. With just a small amount of beard oil evenly rubbed into your beard, your skin will feel refreshed, your mane will be softened, and you won’t be itching at your beard all day long.

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Man using the beard oil dropper to put some Johnny Slicks Organic Beard Oil into the palm of his hand.


Man using the palms of his hands to rub some Johnny Slicks Oil Based Pomade into his long beard.

Style With Oil Based Pomade

Another great option for how to stop the beard itch is a pomade. While typically thought of as a top-of-the-head hair product, pomade can be used on your facial hair as well. So if you’ve got a significantly long beard that may need a little bit of styling as well, an oil-based pomade may be a great choice.

Much like our beard oil, the oils found in our pomade mimic what the sebum naturally does for your skin and hair.  By rubbing a small amount of pomade between your palms and then spreading it evenly throughout your beard, it will help moisturize the skin, prevent beardruff (beard dandruff), and soften the hair to cure that awful itchy beard.

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