How To Be A Modern Day Gentleman


The Gentleman is a dying breed.

For some reason, it has become a lost art form and is seen as almost unattainable by most men.

This cannot be further from the truth. Every man must make daily conscious decisions on whether to act as a gentleman or as a normal person.

Here at Johnny Slicks, we pride ourselves on not only making the top gentleman’s organic grooming products but making each man a gentleman as a whole. So, here are some tips that every man needs to know in order to become a true gentleman.

In our last article, Read It Here, we determined how a gentleman should speak.

Here, we will dive deeper into speech, table etiquette, and a few short tips you can implement today! 

Do not engage in conversations involving religion, politics, sex, or money. Unless you are previously aware of these types of conversations or all parties are accepting of these topics.

This rule may seem like it has died out or has become accepted by society but trust us, nothing has changed. These topics still make people uneasy and uncomfortable. Almost every single person has their opinions on politics and religion. Everyone has an ass but it doesn’t mean you can openly talk about it!

These topics WILL cause arguments and can actually ruin short lived friendships. If you are with a group of people or even one other person, make sure these topics are accepted with everyone. That doesn’t mean obtain written consent from every party. You can ask a simple politics question and visually see who is interested and who clearly does not want to talk. Watch mainly for body language and eye contact (non-verbal communications). Keep in mind, this is not a “cure all” technique. Meaning you should read the room first and if you feel like it not these topics are not permitted, just don’t talk about it!

While speaking, avoid using foul language. This rule can be adjusted based on the location and people present. If you are at a cigar lounge or gentleman’s lounge (not strip club) with a couple of other men, feel free to speak openly (always read the room first).

DO NOT EVER use foul language in front of strangers or children. This will come across as disrespectful and uneducated. You may not have those intentions, but bystanders will view you this way.

Also, never use foul language in federal/state buildings (where civilians are present) or religious places.

I say where civilians are present because, in the military, I’m speaking from Marine Corps experience, we curse more than anyone else in the world. If it is just you and a bunch of other vets, conversations are going to get crazy regardless. BUT! Being a veteran doesn’t mean you cant also be a gentleman.

Children and women eat first. When at an event, allow the women and children to make their plates first and begin eating. The man of the house ALWAYS eats last and prepares his plate last.

When at a restaurant, a man will always wait until everyone has their food before eating.

This is still common and should remain relevant no matter the event. It is actually argued often because every man at the event stands around until all the women and children have their plates and then they just stand around and keep saying, “go ahead”.

This is where YOU have to be the one who understands the gentleman’s rule and starts. Unless you are the man of the house. Then you eat last. If you are a guest and all of the women and children have made their plates, go ahead and make yours.

At a restaurant, you as the man, do not eat until everybody you are with has theirs. This can be painful at times because sometimes the kitchen can move slower on some meals than others rather than waiting to bring all of your meals out at the same time. But you must wait!

An exception to this is where a person who has not received their meal yet tells you to eat. You can argue back and forth with them but if they insist, go ahead and eat. The main point is having the respect to wait or respect the other person's wishes for you to not wait.

Here are a few tips you can implement today!

When shaking someone’s hand, ALWAYS stand up.  

Always make eye contact with the other person speaking to you. Even if you don’t want to continue in a conversation with them.

Learn to openly speak without being rude. In other words, speak your mind but do not be so belligerent that people become off-put from you. Example, if you do not want to continue a conversation with someone, just say “Thank you for talking with me, I must attend to other matters.” If you never speak like that, just translate it to your own language.

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