Johnny Slicks' Secret Uses


Oil Based Pomade

Beard Balm

This is the most common question, regarding product uses, we receive. Use the Pomade as a beard balm by scooping out your desired amount, melting it down in your hands, and applying it directly to your beautiful man mane. Style with a comb or brush and be prepared to have the sharpest looking beard around!

Tattoo Balm

This one is perfect for the left-over pomade in your hands from the previous applications. Style your hair or beard with the pomade and instead of washing it off, throw it right onto your tattoos! It’ll add a little extra shine and life to your skin art, and you’ll be smelling like a rugged beast at the same time. If you are looking to just brighten up your tattoos and not style your hair or beard, EASY! Scoop out a small amount and melt it down in your hands then apply directly to your skin.

Skin  Moisturizer

Here’s a simple one! Trying to get your skin nice and smooth for the ladies? Just apply a small amount of Pomade onto your selected body part and watch as our oil blend leaves your skin silky smooth. 

Beard Butter (combo)

This combo was actually taught to us by The Shaolin Monastery first handed. They were able to combine our Beard Oil with our Pomade and make a smooth textured beard butter! This is how they accomplished the deed; first, scoop out some Pomade and put it in one of your palms. Don’t melt it down yet! Just hold it there. Second, put a few drops of Beard Oil on top of the scooped-out Pomade. Third, rub it together like you’re trying to start a massive fire in your hands. Be careful though! I’ve seen one of the monk’s hands actually spark while conducting this task. Lastly, rub it all into your beard and make sure to get down in there. Once you’ve applied the concoction into your beard, style it with a comb or brush. Prepare to have the most productive day of your life!

Beard Oil

Pre -Shave

This may sound weird but trust us, it works. Before you shave, apply a few drops of beard oil onto the area you want cleaned up. You don’t have to soak your skin or over apply the beard oil. Just a small amount will do. Rinse any excess off with some hot water (do not burn yourself!). It okay that there is some oil left on your skin. The purpose of shaving oil is to allow the razor blade to smoothly glide upon your skin. This is why “dry shaving” sucks so much, there’s no way for the blade to glide so it digs into your skin and leave “burn” marks or bumps. Once you rinsed off any excess oil on your skin, start shaving. Try out a small area first to make sure it is working for you. To your amazement, this may be the nicest shave you’ve ever had! Another tip to shave like this would be to shave while your sink is on and the water is hot. Like hot enough for some steam to assist you.


Guess what! It works for a Post-Shave too! Once you are done shaving, apply a few drops onto your palm and spread it between your hands. Then gently rub the oil in a downwards motion on your freshly shaved skin. AGAINST THE GRAIN! Make sure everything for the first 15 minutes after you shave is against the grain. After you shave, your pores and hair follicles are wide open and they are super welcoming to every particle of bacteria and dirt in the air. So, cover those pores up with some Beard Oil!

Slick Scrub


If using Beard Oil as pre shave isn’t your cup of tea, you MUST try using Slick Scrub. Not only will it clean your skin from anything that will disrupt the razor blade, but it produces a very fine layer of oil to protect against cuts and nicks. This stuff is the bee’s knees and here’s how to use it! First, wet the area you are choosing to shave. Second, scoop out some Slick Scrub from the jar and apply it directly to your skin. Third, softly rub in a circular motion for around 30 seconds. The fourth step is to rinse it off. Using warmer than warm water (Do not burn yourself!) rinse the area you just scrubbed until all of the Slick Scrub is off. Do not towel dry! Right after you rinse off, the next step is to start shaving. It’s going to be weird at first because it’ll seem like you are about to shave with only water as a pre-shave but trust us, you’re going to like the next step. Lastly, start shaving. Try it out slow because we know it’s very different than what you are probably used to, but just get in there and start! Remember to rinse off your blade or blades while shaving to avoid any buildup of hair. Take your time and ALWAYS shave with the grain FIRST. If you need to get a closer shave, go against the grain carefully on your second go.

Tattoo Rejuvenation

Yup! This is a real thing! Only use this Slick Scrub method on HEALED tattoos! You may have heard of it and brushed it off because it sounds lame, but this is actually really cool. We have had plenty of experience with this use of Slick Scrub and it has never disappointed. Tattoos fade. It's what happens with time. See, the pigments that get injected into your skin are not supposed to be there. Your body realizes this and sends white blood cells to the “wound” to clean up. They are able to get ahold of some of the smaller chunks of ink but the larger ones are too big for them to carry so they leave them behind. The left behind ink chunks are your current tattoo. Over time the body heals itself and causes them to fade. Also, just being around dirt particles in the air will result in loss of pigmented ink. This is why you are not supposed to use anything that will increase your white blood cell count near the fresh tattoo like Neosporin. Artificial fragrances are also bad for fresh tattoos because of the chemical balance and the alcohol used to make them. Using moisturizing balms or lotions help keep the ink IN the skin and not scab OUT of the skin. Well, now that we’ve discussed tattoo health, let’s move forward with rejuvenating your old ink! Here’s how to do it; First, wet your tattoo. This will help the Scrub spread. Second, scoop out your desired amount (a lot can go a long way). Third, apply it directly to your tattoo and softly rub in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Lastly, rinse off all of the Slick Scrub and pat dry. You’ll notice 3 things. First, you smell like a luxurious latte. Second, your skin is incredibly soft. And third, your tattoo looks way better than it did a minute ago!

Beard Wash

Face Wash

Johnny…how can I use your Beard Wash as face wash? That seems crazy!

You’re right it is crazy but only because of the product name!

You see, we will not make 2 products with 2 different names that are the same thing. That’s the purpose of this blog! We could easily be like others and make 2 of the same products with different names but why make you spend double your money when you don’t have to?!

Each one of us here at Johnny Slicks uses our Beard Wash as face wash daily. The tea tree and peppermint oil clean out your pores so well, you’d be crazy to not use it this way!

Using the Beard Wash as face wash is actually super easy and super beneficial. Here’s how to do it. First, get your face damp. Second, pour out some Beard Wash onto your cupped palm. Third, lather it up in your hands. Fourth, slap it right onto your face! Get in there nice and deep like but make sure to avoid direct contact with your eyes. Tea tree and peppermint are very strong essential oils and can burn pretty bad…trust me. So, start washing your face in circular motions. Let it sit for a minute. Lastly, thoroughly rinse it off and towel dry. Yeah, our minds were blown too.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Guess what! This works and is amazing for promoting healthy hair growth! Tee tree and peppermint oil is incredible at increasing blood flow to your hair follicles and increasing oil production in your sebaceous gland (they are located in the hair follicle and ensure your hair stays moisturized, they are what makes hair look greasy if it isn’t washed.) Our oil mixture can spark life back into a dying hair follicle. If the hair follicle becomes too dry or is washed too often, the sebaceous gland will slowly stop producing oil. Any type of oil you apply onto your hair is considered a supplement because your body already produces it. Now, obviously your body doesn’t produce tea tree oil but if you continue to provide moisture to your hair, why would your body waste energy doing the same thing.

Moving on…Shampoo! It is used as a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner because the conditioning part is another secondary result in using the Beard Wash as shampoo.

Here’s how to use the Beard Wash as shampoo. First, wet your hair. Really get it wet! Second, pour out some Beard Wash into your cupped hand. Third, toss it directly onto your scalp. There are a couple ways to apply it to your scalp. One way is to pour it directly onto your scalp. The other is to lather it between your hands first. The second way is led efficient because the thinner the product, the faster it will reach your hair follicles. Fourth step is to gently massage the Beard Wash onto your scalp with the pads of your fingers. Do this until you have successfully covered your entire scalp. Lather may not occur but do not worry! Lather is not necessary for cleaning but is a comforting norm. Once you have covered your entire scalp with Beard Wash and massaged it into your scalp, rinse it out! Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Once that is done, you are done! Do this 2-3 times a week or whenever you feel the need to do it. We only use organic ingredients to make our products so there is no such thing as “overuse”.

If you haven’t tried any of the above usage methods, GO DO IT NOW!

Also, if you have another secondary use for our products, comment it below and let your fellow Slicksters in on your secrets!

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