Maintaining Healthy Hair & Skin in the Summer

From hiking to hanging out by the pool, summer months mean warm days and outdoor activities. Summer may also mean dry hair and skin are in your future.
Our bodies naturally create keratin, the key component of hair, skin, and nails. However, harmful chemicals and too much exposure to dry climates can slow down the production of keratin. This is why your skin feels dry in the summertime. In this article, we will walk you through common causes of dry hair and skin. We will also recommend things you can do to prevent dryness, including organic, soothing Johnny Slicks products. Enjoy your summer without letting your body dry out!
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Causes of Dry Hair and Skin

Three main things cause summer dryness. The warmth and nature of summer activities can negatively affect your body, your self-care products can be more damaging than you think, and you don't always get the proper nutrients your skin and hair need.


Dry Summer Climates

Spending time outside means exposing ourselves to the heat of the summer, which in turn will warm up the skin and cause dryness. Without appropriate use of sunscreen, your skin can experience some serious damage.

Additionally, blowing wind can dry out your skin because it doesn’t carry any moisture. This wears on your skin and leaves your body thirsty for lotion. Most people like to beat the summer heat by jumping in a pool, lake, or ocean.

While this can refresh you, momentarily, it is easy to overlook the effect the water has on your body. Pools are chlorinated and oceans are salty. These chemicals work against your body’s natural moisturizers to dry out your skin.


The Products You Use

 Let’s talk about hair. If your hair feels dull, brittle, or frizzy, it’s too dry. Beyond exposure to summer climates, something in your self-care routine could be causing this. Styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons can harm hair when used too much because of their heat. You’ll see damage if you use these tools for too long or too often.

Harsh shampoos can also cause problems (as well as washing your hair too often). Not all shampoos are created equal; some shampoos are healthier than others. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing the shampoo that smells the best if it contains harmful chemicals.

Be careful with dyes, perms, and relaxers because they also contain chemicals that are harmful if used in excess. Overuse of hair dyes can expose your locks to chemicals that dry out hair beyond repair. If you use any of these products to style your hair, simply be careful and use them lightly or infrequently.

There are several different men’s skin types. Your skincare routine may require a certain product that another person’s routine wouldn’t benefit from. Most men, regardless of skin type or tone, benefit from the use of sunscreen, though. Whether you often get sunburnt or not, wearing sunscreen outside can prevent dryness.


Nutrient Deficiency

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a nutrient that strengthens your hair and nails and it helps your body convert food into energy. Brittle or splitting hair is a sign of a biotin deficiency.
You can find B vitamins in foods like whole grains, meat, and eggs. Sometimes, we neglect to include these foods in our diets, or our bodies simply don’t absorb them the way they should. With the right amount of B vitamins in your system, your skin and hair can better withstand summer sunlight.
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Now that you know what causes dry hair and skin, you’re probably wondering what you can do to prevent them. You can avoid harmful products, improve your self-care habits, and take your vitamins.

Avoid Harmful Products

We already talked about the harmful effects of overusing self-care products. Using the right products is even more critical. Consider using a mild shampoo – shampoos made specifically for dry hair have less harmful chemicals. Going hand in hand with shampoo choices, you’ll want to use the best men’s conditioner for dry hair. This may come as no surprise, but plenty of men don’t even use conditioner. News flash: It provides your hair with the moisture necessary to survive warm climates. A good rule of thumb is to find hair-care products that don’t contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out hair, so avoid it at all costs. Instead, look for natural oils – ingredients that provide and lock in moisture.
When it comes to skincare products, prioritize moisture and consistency. If you follow a regular men's skincare routine, the simple act of doing this can prevent dry skin and protect you from harmful UV rays.
Your routine doesn’t need to be overcomplicated, either. Start by cleansing your face with a moisturizing face wash and follow up with a gentle moisturizer. When it comes to your shower routine, be sure to use the best men's body wash for dry skin. It will help you recover from a long day outside in the sun. A proper body wash should be composed of natural ingredients. Whether you are playing sports or boating on the lake, a good body wash can restore moisture to your skin.

Form Healthy Hair and Skincare Habits

As mentioned above, the way you use products is as important as which products you use. You can prevent hair and skin dryness by simply altering a few habits. First, wash your hair less often. There’s a misconception that men should wash their hair every time they sweat. This is not true. You can probably get away with using shampoo once or twice a week instead of every day. If you use heat tools for styling, reducing the number of times you wash your hair reduces how often you need to use a blow dryer, too.

Second, trim split ends. Even on short hairstyles, split ends contribute to a frizzy look. Make regular visits to your barber to clean these up. Removing split ends will make you look and feel better.

Take Your Vitamins

Last but not least, take your vitamins. Because our diets are imperfect, we don’t always get the nutrients our bodies need. Consider taking a multivitamin – taking vitamins and minerals with iron, selenium, vitamin D, and folate can promote healthy hair. As discussed, biotin and other B vitamins are the most vital. These will provide your skin and hair with the nutrients they need to survive the hot summer months.


Wrapping Things Up

Spending time outside is what makes summer so enjoyable. You don’t have to sacrifice the health of your skin and hair to have a good time. Simply take care of your body by using the right products, creating healthy habits, and taking your vitamins. With the right men's skincare routine, you are free to let the good times roll!

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