5 Simple Ways to Fix the Patchy Beard


What’s the use in knowing how to groom a beard when you can’t grow a beard, to begin with? Not every man can grow a thick, healthy beard. In fact, for several men, a full beard is a pipe dream, one where reality shows thin patchy sides or bald spots in obvious places. Because of this, many men have given up on their dream of wearing a powerful beard. Instead, they trim it down to stubble, wear a bald face, or even grow it anyway and walk around with a poorly maintained, incomplete beard. While not every man will be able to grow the beard they want, there are several things a man can do to help his beard fill out as much as it can.

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Before we start, we must consider genetic factors that affect beard growth. Some men are simply doomed by their genetic makeup. If you have a family history of naked-faced men, you may not be able to live out your dream of a healthy, wispy chin covering. In addition to genetics, men with lower hormone levels may also experience difficulty growing a beard. If you think you have a hormone deficiency that’s affecting your ability to grow facial hair, you should consult with your physician.
For those who are not afflicted by these factors – and even for those who are but want to press on, anyway – here are five steps to fix your patchy beard.

#1: Evaluate Your Lifestyle

We harp on this a lot: drink water, eat well, and sleep often, for your body and hair will appreciate it. It’s the same with facial hair, especially if you want a full, healthy beard. Before you complain that your beard isn’t taking care of you, remember that you need to take care of it by providing the essential moisture and nutrients it needs. 

The majority of its macro and micro-nutrient needs come from your diet. Because of this, the better you eat, the easier it is for your beard to grow and remain healthy. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals (e.g., fruits and vegetables), lean proteins (think chicken and fish), and healthy fats (nuts and olive oil) will help your beard growth go the extra mile. With that, make sure you are drinking enough water and that you get regular exercise (consider cycling).

#2: Let It Grow

In our experience, a lot of men simply give up on their beards before they have given them a real chance to grow and fill in. Your hair follicles will not all operate at the same rate or be on the same schedule. Because of that, it can take time for your facial hair to even out. Different parts of your face will grow at different rates – a lot of men have very fast, thick facial hair on their chin but slower growing hair on the sides.

With your beard, patience is your best friend. Do not give up after two weeks or even a month. Laying a solid foundation for your beard can take up to two or three months. Because of this, growing a beard is a commitment, and you will have to decide how much you want to commit. If you want an extra boost, consider an organic beard growth oil.

#3: Exfoliate and Stimulate

Some men have poor circulation in their faces and cheeks. To combat this, we recommend exfoliating your face with a natural cleanser to remove dead skin and stimulate the hair follicles. In addition to exfoliating, you may want to try micro-needling your facial hair with a derma roller. Microneedling causes small punctures in your skin that, in theory, helps activate your hair follicles, promoting growth. For more information on micro-needling as well as using Minoxidil (our next tip), see this study from PubMed.

#4: Minoxidil (Hair Regrowth Formula)

Minoxidil is the main ingredient in Rogaine and has been shown to affect hair growth and even promote it where hair has stopped growing. Treating your facial hair with a 3% Minoxidil solution may help fill in the patchy places in your beard. Numerous studies have shown that Minoxidil is effective for beard growth. Common side effects of using Minoxidil, however, are dry skin, body hair growth (outside of the area it’s applied), and hair/beard shedding (this sounds like the opposite of what you want, but it is part of the process as old hair is shed to make way for the new hair fibers).

Before you jump to using a chemical solution, such as Minoxidil, we suggest that you try using Johnny Slicks beard growth oil and products, which we have specially formulated to promote healthy beard growth, encourage faster hair growth, and enhance your beard’s natural beauty at the same time.

#5: Dye Your Facial Hair

We’re reaching a bit with this tip, as we don’t generally suggest using chemicals as a part of your grooming regimen. However, some men may have lighter facial hair or facial hair that differs in color for different parts of their face. Because of this, a lighter beard, e.g., blonde or red facial hair, can look patchy on the sides when instead, it is simply lighter in color and blends in with your cheeks. The solution: dye your facial hair so that it is all one, darker color that gives the appearance of a thicker beard.


We hope that your beard problems are simply a lack of patience and that all of our readers can grow thick, healthy beards if they set their minds to it. If not, try the aforementioned steps and see if they help you reach your goal of a prize-winning beard. Along the way, and once you have reached the finish line, make sure to treat your beard well by using our Johnny Slicks beard products.

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