How Pomade Can Help You Achieve a Fresh Hairstyle


Many men either do not use hair product or they use the wrong kind and also use it incorrectly. At Johnny Slicks, we want all men to understand what type of hair product to use and how to use it effectively, not only for themselves but for everyone they come in contact with. Our weapon of choice for men’s hair is pomade, and we’ll tell you why:

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What Is Pomade?

Often viewed as a relatively new hair product, Pomade has been reportedly used since the 18th and 19th centuries, when it was primarily composed of bear fat. In our current time, Pomade is now generally made with a combination of beeswax and oil. Because of this, it is a natural way to give your hair natural-looking holding power while also promoting hair and scalp health.

In addition to your typical oil-based pomade, pomades come in many variants, including water-based, clay, fiber, and gel. There can be certain advantages to each variant, however, at Johnny Slicks, we only sell oil-based and clay-based pomades that promote healthy hair growth and can even treat scalp conditions.

How to Use Pomade

The way you use your pomade will determine how it functions. When applied to wet or damp hair, the pomade will hold less than when applied to dry hair. Because of this, it is often a good idea to try applying it to differing levels of dampness in your hair until you find the look you want. Most men will want to apply it directly out of the shower, after towel-drying your hair a bit.

When applying pomade, you will want to rub a small amount (dime-sized) between your palms until the pomade warms up and melts. Once melted, you simply spread it evenly through your hair, and then style your hair with either a comb or by just using your fingers.>

Keep in mind that pomade can stay in your hair even after showering. Because of this, you can often style your hair again without reapplying, or by reapplying less pomade than you normally would for the day or two after the initial application. This will not only help your supply last longer, but it will prevent you from overusing the pomade and overburdening your hair.


Fresh Hairstyles for Use With Pomade

Now that you know what pomade is and how it works, you may want to find a fresh hairstyle to go with your new knowledge. Some hairstyles to consider include:


The quiff is back, and it's likely here to stay. Similar to a pompadour look, a quiff pulls the hair above the forehead up and back or to the side. Generally, this means that the hair on the top of the head is long while the hair on the sides and the back are shorter.


While generally bedhead is perceived as a low-effort hairstyle, achieving a natural, believable bedhead look can be achieved with some effort. Using a wax-based pomade, simply style with your fingers and tussle your hair into the perfect messy look, which may not end up looking as messy as you would think.

The Faux Hawk

There’s nothing quite as persistent as the faux hawk. This hairstyle comes in many shapes and sizes, and though it hardly resembles the mohawks of old, it is a hairstyle that pairs well with pomade. To style this off-centered voluminous hairstyle, simply apply pomade to dryer hair and use your fingers to bring the hair up and to the side.

There you have it: a working knowledge of pomade, its uses, and hopefully some newly found motivation to try a new, fresh hairstyle. While you are at it, check out our collection of hair products. We’re sure you’ll find something you like, and something the ladies will love.

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