New Season, New Hairstyle: A Guide to the Latest Looks


Summer heat fades into a crisp autumn breeze that gently wanes into a calm winter snowfall. T-shirts get rotated out for long sleeve button-ups, fall jackets, and eventually winter coats. And with the changing seasons comes an opportunity to not only change over your wardrobe for the coming months but also to embrace an entirely fresh look by adopting a new hairstyle. Consider embracing one of the following hairstyles to go with your new look:

9x9 grid drawing of men with different hairstyles and facial hair

The Undercut

Man receiving undercut haircut from barber, holding glass and cellphone

While some men prefer to grow their hair out during the colder months of the year, our first hairstyle, the Undercut, consists of cutting the hair on the sides and the back of the head quite short, while leaving the top longer. The Undercut is a modern take on a classic look, and when correctly styled offers a clean, trendy look that works both at the club and in the workplace. The longer hair on top is generally combed back, sometimes to the side, and can be held nicely with a matte finish pomade.


High and Tight Fade

Once again we go short, but this time we aren’t leaving the top longer as with the Undercut. The High and Tight Fade resembles the traditional buzz cut, but rather than going one length all over, you start with about half-an-inch on top and then slowly fade to bald as you go down to the sides and back. This hairstyle does not require any product and goes well with a full beard. Feel free to also give yourself an edge-in part on one side to complete the look.


 The Side Part

The Side Part is no longer a look reserved for children on a Sunday. It is a look adopted by men who are comfortable with who they are and want to look both approachable and professional. Similar to many trendy haircuts, the Side Part features hair that is shorter on the sides and back and longer on top. Here, one side will be blended at your hair’s natural part allowing your hair to fold over to the side for a clean, distinguished look. Try using men’s hair gel to keep your hair parted throughout the day.

Man getting his haircut and styled into a side-part

Grow It Out

As we’ve noted above, having short hair in the summer makes a lot of sense, and so does growing your hair out during the fall and winter. Not only will it keep your head a bit warmer, but it's a great opportunity to get through the growing stages which can easily be hidden by a beanie or hat on cold winter days. The key to growing your hair out is to get a fresh cut that provides a solid baseline for growth and then to routinely trim the hair to ensure it stays healthy while shaping it so that as it grows it either stays the same length or stays in a style that can be worn well while it grows. While growing out your hair, consider implementing our line of hair products to promote hair growth and maintain hair health.



A new season is a great time for a new look. Adopting a new hairstyle often provides added confidence and some residual swagger, so be careful as you may draw additional, wanted attention from your peers, especially if you are washing and conditioning your hair with Johnny Slicks Beast Wash. But don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself and enjoy the new you for the new season.

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