4 Ways to Stop or Combat a Receding Hairline


At some point, every man’s hairline is likely to start its journey backward. For some, it happens in high school. For others, it holds off until their forties. Regardless, unless you are one of the chosen few with perfect hair that will never lose its beauty or luster, you can be assured that your hairline may recede, and when it does, you will want to be prepared to combat the retreat, rather than surrender to it. Here are just a few ways to stop or combat a receding hairline:

Man with receding hairline

1. Consider How Hormones & Genetics Play a Role in Your Receding Hairline

For many men, a receding hairline is inevitable due to genetics or inherent hormone levels related to testosterone production.

Irregular DHT Hormone

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone created as a byproduct of testosterone, and if the production of this hormone is left unchecked it can bind to hair follicles, shrink them, and in some cases stop hair growth altogether. It can be a good idea to get your DHT levels tested. If your DHT levels are abnormal, you may want to try scalp medication that is specifically designed to combat unhealthy levels of DHT, such as Finasteride or Minoxidil.


Men who have regular DHT levels, or are simply not as affected by DHT as others, may have a genetic component that is causing their hairline to recede. If your hair loss is affected by genetics, then it may just be a matter of time, and you should consider spending as much time with your hair as possible, while you can. In the meantime, there are many other ways to combat a receding hairline, even if its march backward is inevitable.

2. Lifestyle Changes to Stop a Receding Hairline

Whether or not there is a genetic component to your hair loss, making lifestyle changes can have a major impact on your hair’s health and longevity. If you are worried about a receding hairline, consider the following:

  • Stop Smoking 
  • Change Your Diet
  • Drink More Water
  • Get More Exercise
  • Improve Your Sleeping Habits
  • Find a Positive Outlet for Your Stress

Lifestyle changes to promote overall health and well-being can go a long way in reducing hair loss, and you will reap other benefits along the way, including having more energy to do the things you love.

3. Nutritional Supplements That May Help Prevent a Receding Hairline

Some men may want to try taking nutritional supplements that can help improve hair health. Vitamins that help promote thick, healthy hair include vitamins A, C, D, and E. Many men already take a vitamin D supplement, preferably 5,000 IU, to promote healthy bone and immune health. 

The best way to get vitamins A, C, and E is through a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, though they can also be supplemented through a quality multi-vitamin. For men who do not have a vitamin-deficiency, these supplements will not likely prevent a receding hairline, but they may help improve the hair you have left.

4. Choose a Better Hairstyle for a Receding Hairline

One of the easiest ways to combat a receding hairline is to change your hairstyle -- and no, we’re not talking about a combover like in the days of yore. Here are a few different hairstyles that work well with a receding hairline without trying to hide it:

The French Crop

Man with a french crop haircut.

The French Crop is short and clean on the sides with longer hair on the top and a cropped fringe. A French Crop goes well with our Johnny Slicks Organic Pomade for a textured, controlled look. Our pomades also help prevent dandruff and dry scalp, which promotes overall hair health.

The Short Cut

 Man with a short french crop haircut.

From here on out, the hairstyles only get shorter. From the French Crop to the Short Cut, you may want to transition your hairstyle with your receding hairline. A Short Cut is simply a shorter version of the French Crop, without the crop. With this hairstyle, you can expect low maintenance, as the sides, back, and top are all trimmed short. 

The Buzz Cut

Justin Timberlake with a buzz-cut hairstyle.

Going shorter, a buzz cut provides a clean, short look, and can be easily done and maintained with a pair of shears. Try starting out with a half-inch buzz, and then go shorter, as desired.

The Close Shave

Man with a close shave haircut and a medium-sized beard.

Some may consider the Close Shave as giving up; however, for many men, the Close Shave can be a revolution to their look, and many men who pull off this haircut never look back. The Close Shave does require constant maintenance but can be easily achieved by setting a standard grooming routine.


And for those who have tried all of the above with minimal or no results, it may be time to embrace your hair loss and look to create the best version of your new you. You are more than your hair, and though you and your hair have shared a life together, there is an opportunity to be had by letting your hair go and beginning a relationship with something new, such as a beard or mustache.

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