Why Men Should and Need to Moisturize


As a man, moisturizing is likely not your top priority. Many men have never done it, and most men don’t know why they need to. At Johnny Slicks, we know the importance of grooming, and that includes cleansing and moisturizing your skin, especially your face. Not everyone can hide behind a beard their whole life, and for those who can, having healthy skin is equally important for you as for anyone else.


Man applying moisturizer in front of mirror

The History of Moisturizer

According to the historical record, humans have used many different types of moisturizer for over 10,000 years. Traditional moisturizer was derived from tree oils, including palm and coconut, and it was sometimes made from animal fat or avocados. From the ancient Sumerians to peoples across Africa, Brazil, and even those native to the Americas, moisturizer has been a staple to heal and protect dry and damaged skin.

In more recent history, civilizations, including the Egyptians, have relied on olive oil, beeswax, egg yolks, aloe, and flower oils to keep their skin healthy and protected from the elements. If people across ages have seen the importance of moisturizing, then why aren’t you doing it already?

Modern moisturizer is available from almost every cosmetic and generic brand, often listed as face lotion. Most contemporary moisturizers are filled with preservatives and harmful chemicals, including parabens. These will give you the illusion of moist skin, but will require constant attention, as many of these chemicals actually dry the skin out -- seems counter-intuitive, right?


What Is Moisturizer?

Moisturizer is not simply lotion, rather it is specifically designed for different parts of the body, made to heal and repair dry or damaged skin as well as help healthy skin stay that way. Many moisturizers are made specifically to be applied to more sensitive areas of the body, like the face, which is routinely exposed to the elements, and is much more sensitive than other parts of your skin.


How to Moisturize

Most men will want to keep their cleansing and moisturizing routine simple and to the point, and we think you should, too.

First, you will need to know your skin type. Do you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin? Is your skin a combination of all three? Knowing your skin type will not only help you select a moisturizer, but it will also help you know how to cleanse your skin, and how often you need to moisturize. Most people need to apply moisturizer every day. 

Before you apply the moisturizer, you’ll want to make sure to wash your face with some sort of cleanser (soap). Try our Beast Wash body wash, which does a great job at cleansing and is free of chemicals and preservatives. This will remove dirt and grime, as well as your skin’s natural oils.

Once your skin is clean. You’ll want to pat it dry before applying the moisturizer. Don’t be afraid to use as much as you need, but keep in mind that a little moisturizer can go a long way. Simply dab some moisturizer onto the area you want to moisturize and then rub it in, using a circular motion, until your skin is evenly covered. After applying the moisturizer, you’ll want to leave it on and let it soak into your skin and dry on its own.

That’s it. You’re done. You’ve moisturized! Make sure to repeat this as necessary. Some people need to moisturize both morning and night, while others can go several days without their skin drying out. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you.


Johnny Slick’s Beach Care

Now that you know both how and why you need to moisturize, why not try out Johnny Slick’s Beach Care moisturizer. A pleasant blend of beeswax, coconut, tea tree, argan, and jojoba oils will help heal damaged or dry skin. More than that, our Beach Care moisturizer doubles as cologne with its sweet and fruity fragrance boasting a combination of orange, pineapple, coconut, mango, and grapefruit.

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