6 Grooming Habits Every Man Should Have


Although each man’s skin and hair may be different, there are some general guidelines listed here that every man should follow. Gone are the days when men could get away with doing just one or two of these every so often. These habits, once adopted, will begin to make your skin and hair healthy and more attractive.

Man applying moisturizer in front of mirror

1) Exfoliate - Yes, Men Should Do It Too

The first important men’s grooming tip we have is exfoliation. This process of removing dead skin cells has been around since ancient times when dried corn cobs (Ancient Americas) and pumice stones (Ancient Egypt) were used. Today there are other methods to remove unwanted and dead skin. A quality scrub is a preferred method. Scrubs can be made with sugar or other small particles that activate when gently rubbed onto the face or other skin. A homemade sugar scrub can be made using equal parts of organic coconut oil and granulated sugar. Add essential oils for a fun scent if you wish to start making this a habitual part of your morning or evening.

2) Moisturize - Don’t Forget SPF Protection

Washing and exfoliating are important, but these steps are a waste if you don’t replace the natural oils on your face with a healthy moisturizer. Make sure to choose a good facial moisturizer as you begin to make this your routine. Don’t be the guy who uses regular lotion on his face. Body lotion can be extremely harmful to your facial skin as it clogs pores and makes you break out. Find a moisturizer that is light and made for your face and that has at least an SPF of 15. 

Sunscreen isn’t just for days at the beach. Be sure to wear it as you go out for the day, particularly if you’ll be outdoors at various times. Using sunscreen daily will do more for anti-aging than any miracle cream or ointment you see on TV or at the supermarket. Make these products a must-have before you leave the house each day.

3) Take Care of the Hair

Haircare is an important part of any man’s routine. It starts with what you put in your hair in the shower. Kick the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combo you’ve been buying at the store. It isn’t doing your hair any favors. Trade that out for our organic shampoo and conditioner. Our products come in three different scents and are made with healthy ingredients that won’t punish your hair just to get it clean. 

Taking care of your hair doesn’t stop in the shower either. To have the healthiest hair possible you’ll need to keep the good thing going you started with your quality shampoo and conditioner. Don’t ruin the gains you made by freeze-drying your hair in some chemical-heavy gel. We recommend our organic pomades instead. Not only do these maintain the healthy moisture your hair has out of the shower, but they can even help fight against hair loss.

4) Shaving and Trimming

Man applying moisturizer in front of mirror

Whether you prefer the clean shaven look or a thick beard, it’s vital to the success of your face to know how to properly shave and trim. If you do like to grow out your facial hair, don’t let it run completely wild. Buy some good trimming scissors and keep your beard in line with the natural contours of your face. Snip off any split ends or dry frizzy bits once a week. Avoid those dry bits and split ends by using our beard wash and hydrating your beard with our beard oil.

5) No More Talons

Clip your nails. Nobody wants to see claws or talons as you whip out the sandals this year. Additionally, your toes can become infected and painful if not properly cared for. The best practice for toenail care is to clip once a week and use a straight toenail clipper to trim straight across. Use your wife’s or girlfriend’s nail file to round off the edges (no one has to know).

6) Smell Good

The last habit you need to insert into your routine is scent. Experiment with a few scents and do your best to stick to that smell throughout your entire grooming process. Be sure to ask other people how each scent seems to them as well when you’re wearing it. You might be able to find a scent you and your loved ones really enjoy that comes in multiple products. Our beach care line is the perfect example of a delicious smell that is consistent between three products.

Keep this information handy as you go about your grooming routine. As you apply each of these tips, you’ll feel happier and healthier. Try out our men’s grooming products today!

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