5 Items Every Man Needs for a Day at the Beach

The full force of summer is about to come! The months of July and August are great months to get out and get some sun. With the heat of summer, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing and relaxing day at the beach. You’ll need sunscreen, of course, but what else will have you prepared for a long day in the sun? We’ve compiled a list of five must-haves every man needs for any upcoming beach days.

1. Shades

While white sand looks great in photos and feels great under your toes, it can definitely reflect plenty of light! Make sure you have a quality pair of sunglasses for your beach day or you’ll regret it throughout your visit! Polarized sunglasses can also help take the edge off of the glaring reflection from the sun coming off the waves. Classic Ray-Bans are always a great option, but if you’re a guy who tends to lose his sunglasses, you can get a great pair at H&M without breaking the bank!


2. Slides

Most men have moved beyond the traditional flip flop (nobody likes the piece between their toes!) and have moved to a more comfortable slide. Slides are great because no matter what shoe you wear to the beach - sand is going to get in. Might as well embrace it! Slides are easily cleaned and require no effort to slip on and off. Get yourself a good pair to protect your feet from getting burned!


3. Beach Care

If you have a beach day planned, you must to check out our new Beach Care line. We’ve developed great organic products tailored to your skincare, hair, and beard needs. These products are perfect to both prep you for your beach day and help repair any damage after your day in the sun.

Beach Care Beard

This is a great product for all of the bearded men out there. You know that there’s nothing worse than dried out, brittle, facial hair - and it happens to you every time you soak in that saltwater! This beard oil will take care of that for you and help restore the health of your facial hair quickly

Beach Care Skin

This moisturizer will do a great job helping your skin recover after a long day in the sun. It also doubles as a cologne to keep you smelling like you’re on vacation. You’ll want to keep using it whether you’re going to the beach or not!

Beach Care Hair

If one of your pet peeves is running your hands through your hair and feeling the frizzy crunch of salty or chlorinated hair, then we made this product especially for you. Not only will this help replace the natural moisture your hair needs, but the paradise scent will also make your hair smell tropical and fresh in no time!

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