Why You Need To Use Beach Care



hey don’t worry!

Let us bring the beach to you!

Our Beach Care line was invented to heal damaged skin. Skin can be damaged by so many different things. With our Beach Care products, we focus on damages caused by the sun, sand, and salt. Each of those culprits causes dry skin. Once skin is dried, it is damaged. That’s where Beach Care comes in!

You will fix your dry skin and prevent it from becoming damaged with Beach Care.

Dry scalp? Beach Care Hair will fix that

Dry beard? Beach Care Beard will fix that

Dry skin? Beach Care Skin will fix that!

Beach Care is crafted completely by hand with only organic ingredients and I haven’t even told you the best part!

Beach Care is made with our famous Paradise fragrance. Paradise isn’t just the name of the fragrance, it’s the perfect description of where it takes you with every sniff.

Fresh squeezed orange, pineapple, coconut, mango, and a hint of grapefruit.

These products are made to not only heal your skin, but they also heal your mood. Once applied, you are officially on island time!

Through our studies of aromatherapy, we found that there is no fragrance that can uplift your mood like a fresh blend of citrus.

As you know, here at Johnny Slicks, we are all about positivity.

This is why we created Paradise!

Here’s the bottom line of why you need Beach Care;

When you look good, smell good, and fell good, good things happen!

"So I live by the ocean and go to the beach a lot surf, swim, everything and this product has helped restore my hair from the salty water and hot water from my shower back to a healthy soft and luscious head of hair. Better than any name brand stuff out there!"

-Koti G.

"It’s a great product for the girls too as it cleans and washes away the grim from swimming all day at the beach or pool! And the oil adds a little shine to your hair with the skin moisturizer adding a coconut babe scent with a glow!"

-Christy H.


Beach Care!


Beach Care Beard

Beach Care Skin

Beach Care Hair


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